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, sir. lieutenant paul vance, high and his crew were here just an hour going giving a new's conference. and keeping an eye out for a vehicle to come in in any moment for the superintendent. we are waiting an update out of newtown, connecticut where we expect to see the details of what transfired and the profile of the killer ahead . [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. but when i was in an accident... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. so i never missed a beat. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. and his new boss told him twongs -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll wk his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening a restaurant specializing in fish and me from the great northwest. he'll start investing early,
we heard from lieutenant paul vance yesterday. >> the weapon utilized most of the time in this horrific crime was identified as bushmaster. ar-15 assault type weapon. it had high capacity magazines. in addition to that the subject had in his possession a glock 10 millimeter, a sigg sauer 9mm, all weapons had multiple magazines and additional ammunition. >> reporter: police told us when they were closing in, when they arrived at the school and were closing in on adam lanza, that is when he used one of the handguns to put a bullet in his own head, bill. bill: there were hundreds of rounds of ammunition found inside the school that were left, either on his person or in that classroom that went unused. now, police have been very cautious on these press conferences. a lot of information frankly went out on friday and saturday that has not proven to be true and a lot of that information was pulled back. i thought the information they gave out last night was precious and few. when it came to facts. do we believe through the, i guess you there the benefit of time that we could
school shooting in connecticut. lieutenant paul vance, public information office. sir, thank you for joining us this afternoon. and obviously our heart and prayers go out to you not only from the nation but those of us here in fox newings. you have a task before you and say it is an active investigation and case; what does that mean? what are they doing? >> it is it important to note it is it like a onion ask we have to peel it back layer by layer temperature is it a pain staking process and to make sure we examine the scenes and look at the backgrounds of everybody. and speak to every witness that can shed light on the case. there is it a great deal of work done. >> sir, let me you this. i know the police are not revealing anything about motive at this point, but do you have informationine though you are nolt revealing on what led to the massacre? >> i know in some of the work done there is information and evidence uncovered that ourors - investigators have. i don't have information that we are ready to publicize . niment to you about your sense of what is going on in the commun
, lieutenant paul vance. lieutenant, thank you so much for finding time for us. you said something yesterday that you thought the search of the various crime scenes had been successful, and you might have found something that would help us understand the why and the how of this. what can you tell us about that? >> well, i can tell you, certainly, the major crime detectives of the state police have been working continuously since this tragedy unfolded, searching not only the initial crime scene at the school, but a secondary crime scene that we also discovered during the investigation. investigators have executed a number of search warrants and many, many different locations, and i can't detail what's been recovered, but i can tell you that a significant amount of evidence has been recovered and is being cataloged and processed that will certainly assist us in this investigation. >> schieffer: well, do you have any better idea today, even if you can't tell us of the details why, of why this person did this? >> i don't know that we can answer that question just yet. there's an immense amount o
, rather, have been evacuated safely according to lieutenant paul vance of the state police. this is the reaction of the children after they left the school. >> well, when i was out in the hall, when, like, everybody heard the bullets -- >> yeah. >> they, like, went in to a total panic. >> an how are you doing? what went on in your head as this was happening? >> whoa. >> i was in the gym an i heard a loud -- well, i heard like seven loud booms and then the gym teachers told us to go in the corner. so we all huddled and i kept hearing these booming noises. and the -- we all started -- well, we didn't scream. we started crying so all of the gym teachers told us to go in to the office where no one could find us. so then police officer came in and told us to run outside. so we did. and we came in the fire house and waited for our parents. >> jeff goldberg, as a parent, how do you find any value teaching moment or how can you comfort children to deal with the violence of every day life in america? >> well, i mean, the good thing is that this kind of violence isn't an every day th
with lieutenant paul vance of the state police here in connecticut. keeping people informed all through the day yesterday. we learned overnight that you were able to notify all of the families. >> our detectives made it a priority to, in fact, identify all of the deceased victims, the children, and the adults, within the facility. >> and what more have you been able to learn about adam lanza? why and how he did this? >> this is something that's going to take a significant amount of time. from the onset, we had teams, looking into the background, peeling the onion back, so to speak. we have many, many questions we need to ask and we need to explore. >> three guns found on-site? >> we haven't discussed that as of yet. in excess of three guns. >> more than three guns. we know also that the guns match guns that his mother may have had. have you been able to put that together yet? >> i don't have that information specifically. >> do you know if they were obtained legally. >> that is something we would also explore in the investigation. >> how about how adam lanza actually got into the school. there
to sandy hook elementary school. lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police confirms that police have entered the school and have begun to evacuation students and administrators at sandy hook elementary. >> there's no concrete information yet about any injuries, but we do know that it is an active scene with state and local police on the ground there, they are working tactfully is what we're told by lieutenant vance. >> with this kind of situation and with the explosion of social media, we're getting a lot of information into our newsroom that we need to independently confirm before we report to you. so there are a lot of rumors out there about what's going on here. so the reason we put lieutenant vance on the line is to get a true view of what's going on there at that school right now. we have learned that a reverse 911 call went out from the newtown public schools, to at least the parents of sandy hook elementary school, if not the entire district, went out to parents apprising them of what's going on at this moment. but because it's so new and so fresh, we want to make sure th
. >> pelley: lou, thanks very much. paul vance is a police lieutenant with the connecticut state police. he's been briefing reporters today and i asked him what he saw when he arrived at the school. >> it's a horrific scene. it's a very tragic scene, as we've been reporting. it involve it had death of numerous children, 20 to be exact, six adults. and it's a very tragic, horrific scene. >> pelley: were the children who were killed in one classroom? spread out across the entire school? >> one section of the building is the best way we can explain it. the deceased were all located in one complete section of the building. >> pelley: and where was the gunman found? >> in the hallway. >> pelley: outside of a classroom? >> correct. >> pelley: as the sun is going down now, are the victims still in the school? >> yeah, this is a long process and by that i mean it's a crime scene, it's a criminal investigation, it mandates that we meticulously document every single square inch of that building. we meticulously document all the affirmative actions and that's time -- facts and circumstances, and that'
horrific actions. but lieutenant paul vance said clues have been recovered. >> did produce some very good evidence in this investigation that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting the complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. >> investigators are still trying to determine a motive. police are checking out report that the killer adam lanza had recently been involved in an argument with staffers at the school, but that has not been confirmed. >>> tonight we're hearing more about extraordinary heroism displayed by teachers at sandy hook elementary. some of them in the last moments of their lives. michelle miller has their story. >> reporter: the news that the six 7-year-olds had been shot multiple times devastated a community. >> just babies. they're just babies. they shouldn't be taken away from their mothers and their fathers. >> reporter: the children who survived were protected by their teachers. janet gathered her kindergartners in one corner. >> they sounded like gunshots. >> reporter: 18 years of teaching experience kicked in. >> we all
that is it pretty much routine. this school was locked and we heard from lieutenant paul vance he aparently shot his way in and mashed his way in to open the dor. that is responsible for the part of the school it seems. nwe have to look at your weakest happening linth're link. if you have glass and someone shoots out a wipo and schools don't realize they have to put protective laminate on the class . we don't know if it would have maid a difference. i worked with lieutenant vance before and he is a sharp ipo and they are getting out information quickly for the mag magnitude of the details. we focus on evidence based approaches of how people account under stress .
explaining his horrific actions. but lieutenant paul vance said clues to the possible motive have been recovered in multiple searches. >> did produce some very-- a very good evidence in this investigation, that our investigators will be able to use and hopefully painting the complete picture as to how and more importantly why this occurred. >> reporter: now, we have to say it's not clear why at this hour lanza targeted that elementary school. there were early reports yesterday indicating the mother naiive a teacher there, perhaps an aide at sandy hook. police have found no evidence she had any obvious connection to the school. and one more thing, jim. police now are checking on a different report that maybe adam lanza was involved in an argument with staffers at the school the day before the shooting, but i have to emphasize they have not yet confirmed that. jim. >> axelrod: bob orr in washington, thank you. senior correspondent john miller has been talking to his law enforcement source. he joins me now for more. john, are you hearing anything about this altercation? >> reporter: yeah,
: and that didn't happen. state police lieutenant paul vance says no responding officer fired their weapons at the scene. brown says even that can have an impact on them. >> that leaves them with a helpless feeling and makes them second guess some what have they had done and that's very i do deal with. very difficult to deal with. >> police are also this morning searching for a woman they say pushed a man to his death on a new york train flat form that happened yesterday evening. witnesses say the woman was pacing on the train platform talking to her is of before she sat on the bench. when the train pulled up to the station she got up and push the man on tracks and ran awaych he was pinned in by the second car. police are investigating the case. >> five things a know on this friday morning they deals audiences and this weekend you can catch the world famous harlem globetrotters first mariner arena in baltimore. globetrotters have a write your own rules world tour first displayed at the arena on saturday. baltimore native hall will be one of the newest players joining the team. you can see h
thing we heard from lieutenant paul vance, he was asked when the police went to the school was it like, did the police engage with the shooter and we learned according to lt. colonel, police did not shoot the shooter. the shooter is dead. so we can never, although we will wait if confirmation, he took his own life. we have state representative john fry of connecticut. representative, you have two nieces and a revenue in the school -- a nephew. are they okay? >>guest: thankfully. my niece, the twins, are in 4th, so they will be ten in february. and my nephew is in 1st. >> did they see anything? >>guest: they did not. my nieces were in the library and the librarian and teach are put them in a closet. my nephew was in a classroom close to the classroom where most of the victims but no one saw anything. leaving they school they saw broken glass and the police and swat teams but they also heard noise but they didn't see anything. >> some of the kin described noise as "pots banging around" or hammers. one 8-year-old said she thought it was hammers and that is what the teacher told them. do y
of evidence to help explain the how and why this occurred. here is a little bit from lieutenant paul vance as to how the shooter may have gotten into the building. >> we have established the point of entry. it was, i can tell you it's believed he was not voluntarily let into the school at all. that he forced his way into the school. >> reporter: and there is some evidence, reports out that lanza may have had some sort of altercation at the school in the days before the shooting occurred. we spoke with lieutenant paul vance and he has not confirmed so we don't have any knowledge for certain that lanza had been in the school days before the shooting, but all of these things are looked into and authorities are working to find everything out. >> one person that might be able to shed light on what may have happened during the course of this massacre, one survivor, a female survivor, a woman, police say they're speaking with her and that what she's saying will be involumable to figure out what happened inside the walls of the school. >> they're waiting to hear more from her. molly line with mor
information. we want to share this with our viewers. lt. paul vance of the connecticut state police has this to share with us. he says there will be a news conference on site at 1:30 eastern time. he is giving time frame at the sandy hook elementary school. he says they're not releasing further details at this moment, but he referred to it as quote, a large scene. we'll give you more as we get it. >>> right now some brand new stories and breaking news. jon: you know ambassador susan rice withdraws her name from consideration to be secretary of state. why she backed out and who's in the running now. >>> also a nightmare for a former marine, jailed for months in mexico on what his family says are trumped up charges. how they are fighting to bring him back home. >>> almost a century later new information on the hindenburg disaster. we'll look into what caused it with an expert, all "happening now." jon: and a good friday morning to you. the u.n. ambassador susan rice takes herself out of the running to be secretary of state, ending a long standoff with senate republican who is promised to
information. lieutenant paul vance will be the one leading that in the next 20 to 30 minutes. of course, we will be at that news conference, but right now over at the school parents just confused. we're hearing that. they're very tense. as we were showing up, a lot of parents walked out with their children, very young children, third, fourth graders. they were, of course, very emotional. a lot were crying. one parent telling us that his child told him that someone walked into the classroom and shot the teacher. that's just some of the information. we asked that parent how your child is doing. he was running up the street saying, i don't know at that the point. they're still trying to figure out that. there's just a lot of information that's coming out. again, the news conference will be happening about two miles from here. we have a crew there. we will be getting that information very shortly. hopefully to shed some light, lieutenant paul vancie telling s this is one of the worst shooting incidents we've seen in the state in a long time. right now newtown police here trying to work with the
. >> all one location, one classroom? >> they will deal with that. paul and company. lieutenant vance will handle that one. >> we discussed this briefly with the staff before i came here. there was -- i believe everybody was hit more than once. >> was there my evidence -- any bruises? >> from the nature of the shooting was there my sense that -- precision? was it spread randomly? >> both. it is a very difficult question to answer. yeah. it is really -- we think after the thousands of people i have seen shot i could answer that question but it is -- if i attempted to answer it in court there would be an objection and they would win. >> can you describe -- seven personally. what were they wearing? can you describe what they were wearing. >> cute kids stuff. mine, they are first graders. they were wearing cute kids stuff. you know. the kind of stuff you would send your kids or your grandkids out the door to first grade in. >> doctor, can you discuss the fatal injuries -- >> similar to those of the children. >> doctor, the children that you autopsied, where in the body were those wounds?
in a couple of hours. folk, please stay dry. >> eric: that's lieutenant paul vance, being very specific and careful, as you heard, not commenting on the reports that nancy lanza will take her son to the shooting range or use the guns to go to the shooting range and saying there is sick stuff on the internet. claiming to be the lanzas themselves and that's a federal crime. after this horrific tragedy that has the prayers and the compassion of the nation. >> jamie: a lot of prayers for all the victims. thank you for joining us. we'll continue to update you. the president visiting tonight, bret baier, 6:00 p.m., now washington will take over. >> eric: have a good day, everybody. >> jamie: a nation mourns the lives of the tragedy from sandy hook elementary. police say they have uncovered evidence in the case and they are tracing all the weapon, all the way backto the work benches where they were made. president obama preparing to fly to newtown, connecticut, to act oz our country's consoler in chief. as authorities release the names of the school staff and children who were killed, we learn
at the ongoing police investigation of this terrible crime. and joining us is lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police. and in our new york studio "cbs this morning" senior correspondent john miller good morning to you. can you give us some idea of what's going on in the school right now? >> the investigation has been going continuous all night long. our objective was to positively all night long. it was to get closure and make it'sier for them if there was a way do that. our detectives worked well through the night. by early this morning, they were able to positively identify all the victims and make positive identification of all the victims. >> lieutenant vance, when will the bodies be removed from the school? >> that has been accomplished. that was done overnight. we worked very closely with the medical examiner who was on the scene to kpe pe dietexpedite the process. now we're working on the exterior of the building and they'll continue to do so until they've completed their work. >> paul, it's john miller in fork if you can hear me. first of
is lieutenant paul vance, a spokesman for the connecticut state police. he's in newtown himself. i don't know if you have the answers, lieutenant, and you must be overwhelmed right now. but first of all, can you identify the shooter in this particular case? can you give us that person's name? >> wolf, we do have a tentative identification, but for investigative reasons we're holding back that information for our own purposes. you are correct in saying that there is a secondary scene in newtown away from the school at a private home where there's another deceased adult that may be related to this. just for investigatory reasons, we're holding back that identity right at this time. >> can you tell us if the shooter did have a connection, though, to the school? there's been a lot of speculation that the shooter's mother, for example, was a teacher inside one of those classrooms. >> we need to, again, be extremely cautious in releasing that information. that will be forthcoming, i would say, within the next three or four hours but at this time we haven't discussed that at all. >> is there another
the perpetrator lived with. with that, i'm going to turn it over to paul vance who will answer or will give you some additional information and then later in the day perhaps we'll speak again. again, i think on behalf of the people of the state of connecticut we extend our condolences as i have at the firehouse to the parents of these children, as well as the adult that is are there. i want to thank the president who has been on the phone with us today for his statement released to you a little while ago, as well as the statements he made to me earlier -- much earlier today as the hours rated by. with that, i should say there's a number of public officials and first select woman who's been on site throughout the day. we have state representatives, state senator, other select people who are here. we have the superintendent of schools who has done wonderful work in helping us get the information necessary to begin the processes that will be ongoing for a number of hours in advance. i want to thank senator blumenthal and senator-elect murphy for also joining us. with that, i'm going to absent myse
painful. joining us now, lieutenant paul vance. he's become the face, the spokesman of this investigation. the connecticut state police. lieutenant vance, we're here in your office in middletown, connecticut. i know it must be hard on the journalists so it must be so much more hard on the men and women that work at the connecticut state police. what has it been like? >> it's been a horrible, tragic scene. the initial response was just horrific. the men and woman that risked their lives going in there trying to stop the aggression, trying to stop the shooting and carnage and rescue as many people as they could truly put their lives on the line but even more so, the faculty, the staff, the teachers that tried and did protect many of those children. there's good and bad but our hearts are just simply broken just due to the fact that 26 people died in that building. >> how are the men and women of the connecticut state police, the first responders, how are they doing? >> they are working through this. we provide counseling and employee assistance to them. they are human beings also but we hav
police lieutenant paul vance and the promise of even more information to come thut tkocomt the day and bring you that on fox. and we want to review a few things we've learned from the lieutenant moments ago. one thing we learned this morning or heard about this morning was a correction to what was first reported about how this shooter entered the school. initial reports pointed to the fact that he might have been buzzed in by the front office. lieutenant is telling us how when he entered the school, that was not a voluntary entry. we don't know exactly how he forced his way into the school, but that's giving us a little bit more after picture of the crime that took place and also we referred to you in the past that some children saw shattered glass as they were on their way out of the school. and initially, again, trying to piece together what happened, some point today maybe the fact that that was bullets shattered the windows in the school. the lieutenant also telling us that a rescue team that showed up on scene tried to get in the school and best way possible and that may have
of the elementary school. we spoke with paul vance. >> thank you very having us. >> lieutenant, we have seen so many going back to columbine and you never think it is going to happen in your own community. >> it is it horrific and tragic and the parents sent these children to be educate never expected to never see them again it is it a heartbreaking trag tee. >> and you think that right now. you haven't identified all of the bodies for the families have you? >> we have a process where we have to positively identify everyone and we want to do that as expeditiously as possible working on thisthat right now it is important for the families and why understand that. >> imagine you haven't got official world and your child is not home and so you know that your child was one of the victims. imagine that pain? >> it is it unbelievable. it is something that no one want to bear and it was heartbreaking to have to hear the partners told that their children were not coming home. it was heart breaking for the law enforcement officers to go in and rescue as many people and atfers and encountered what they discove
but are recovering. lieutenant paul vance is with the connecticut state police. >> they will shed a great deal of light on the facts and circumstances of this tragic investigation that we're icdertaking. >> reporter: one of the two adults was the lead teacher at sandy hook elementary. she was with the principal who first confronted the gunman but, scott, as of tonight it's still unclear as to exactly who the other adult is. >> pelley: jim, a lot was unclear on that first day. what we were told then tended to be wrong. it turned out the shooter's mother was not a teacher at sandy hook elementary. in fact, there doesn't seem to be any recent connection between nnecgunman and the school at tll. bob orr has pieced together what we now know of that morning. >> reporter: 20-year-old adam lanza launched his massacre at home. officials say lanza shot his mother nancy multiple times, killing her in her bed. lanza then took four guns-- legally registered to his mother-- and drove this black honda to sandy hook elementary school about five miles away. students there had finished reciting the pledge of al
. connecticut state police lieutenant paul vance. >> newtown police immediately upon arrival entered the school and began a complete active shooter search of the building. that included checking every door, every crack, sr *ef visio, every portion of that school. >> reporter: that phrase begin active search means do not wait. it's a reaction to the columbine massacre 13 years ago when dozens of officers waited 46 minutes outside as the shooting continued and at least one victim bled to death. captain drew tracey, then with the montgomery county police in maryland, was incensed by columbine and helped invent the active shooter tactics used today. >> we have to go where we hear the sounds of shoots, we have to go where the broken glass is, where we see the casings on the ground, but we need to corner that threat so that individual or individual cans not take more lives. >> reporter: now the mind-set is, in the minds of the police, not one more victim. >> exactly. >> reporter: after columbine police operations were transformed. by 2007, virginia tech police were trained to go straight toward the g
paul vance. the school is on dickinson drive and there are few other detail available. our affiliates are on the way to the scene as well as cnn crews, photographers, correspondents on the way to this. of course, we all cringe when we hear about reports of a shooting, especially at an elementary, especially any organization, a business or a school but when you look at elementary school children, so young, and reports of a shooting at a school, we have very few details on this. even the folks in connecticut are scrambling to try to get their bearings around this and get to the scene to figure out what is going on. again, this is newtown elementary school. the reports came in, approximately, 30 minutes ago. it's sandy hook elementary. is that correct? brian, my producer? sandy hook elementary in newtown. again, in the southwestern part of the state. very few details about sandy hook elementary, how big it is, how many students, what grades, if it is from first to nine or what have you. again, reports from our affiliates are telling us where it is and there are also other reports out the
heard from lieutenant paul vance, he's the connecticut state policeman who has been sort of the face of this investigation, he said we're going to get to the hard drive, we'll get all that evidence off his computer and we're going to find out what was behind this rampage. today we're finding out that the computer hard drive has been smashed apparently by the gunman before he left. so does that mean it's going to be not possible to get the information? >> that isn't necessarily so, jon. the area of computer forensics and examination of damaged hard drives turned into a science. it is a key tool in the tool box for investigators these days with all the things we touch, criminals touch, knowing what happens inside a computer is important. what they can do they may be able to recreate part of that. even if it is physically damaged there are ways to recreate the drives. i worked on cases where the computers were involved in fires. you can retrieve information that is helpful. they can look at peripheral devices and buffers and memories. look at search engines, variety of things that would
're hanging on to the very ominous words of lieutenant paul vance from the state police. >> as we continue to listen in to some of the local coverage and watching from these helicopter shots as the numerous police response begins to what looks like head towards one location of the school. i can tell you the headline, a source tells our susan candiotti that the gunman, the shooter is dead on the scene and apparently two weapons have are been recovered. we are not clear as to whether the shooter is a child or an adult. we have unconfirmed reports that there is a second shooter. police were searching in the hillside behind the school in the wooded area with the canine unit as well as parents flooded into the parking lot before the word came out that they were to stay home, stay by the phone, that it perhaps wasn't safe to be there. police telling news 8 that they saw a child with a bloody face and another child with a hand injury. and one other piece of information i want to pass your way before we head to a quick break and that is the hospital at yale, yale is in new haven which is about a 4
? show me where. >>> that is lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police wrapping up the latest news conference in the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. hard bitten officers, they're devastated by what happened when they found, when they walked in to an elementary school where at least one gunman walked in to that building and opened fire this morning. 26 innocent people are dead. 20 of them children. i'm john scott. thank you for joh joining us for the special coverage of the breaking story. this is what we know so far. it happened after 9:30 a.m. eastern time at sandy hook elementary school as classes got underway. federal law enforcement officers are telling fox news that adam lanza was found dead at the scene. his brother is in custody in hoboken, new jersey. their mother found dead at her house in connecticut. the f.b.i. confirms two pistols and m-4 rifle found at the scene. police have been updating through the day. and much of the information has been changing frankly. three people rushed to the hospital, teacher and two children are all expected to be okay. the teacher wa
police, lieutenant paul vance and the promise of more information to come. we'll bring you that as soon as we get it. i want to review a few things we just learned. one of the things we learned this morning or heard about this morning was a correction to what was first reported about how this shooter entered the school. initial reports pointed to the fact he might have been buzzed in by the front office. the lieutenant telling us when he entered the school, that was not a voluntary entry. we don't know how he forced his way into the school but it gives us more of a picture of the crime that took place. also we reported in the past that some children saw shattered glass as they were on their way out of the school. initially, again, trying to piece together what happened, some pointed to maybe the fact that the bullets shattered the windows in the school. the lieutenant also telling us a rescue team that showed up on scene tried to get in the best way possible and that may have been responsible for the shattered glass. you saw on fox news the helicopter shot around the school and it looke
and why this happened. lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police saying, in his words, "good evidence" is being recovered -- but he did not go into detail. in terms of the weapons used, we do know that there were three weapons recovered at the scene of the shooting, near the suspect's body. there were two handguns and a semi-automatic rifle. cnn has been reporting that those guns were purchased by his mother, nancy lanza. there's not much we know about nancy lanza. we spoke to a neighbor earlier in the day, and she said that she knew her, but that there was nothing out of the ordinary that she could see. >> she was like a normal, anybody else in this neighborhood, you know, decorate the house, and the house was always pristine. you know, she was just like any other housewife. >>reporter: as for adam lanza, former classmates describe him as being a smart student, someone who was quiet, kept to himself. a neighbor who knew him in recent years described him as "troubled." mary snow, cnn, newtown,, conn. >> connecticut. we're learning that president obama will be traveling to c
the elementary school. we spoke with the connecticut state police lieutenant paul vance. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: we have seen so many of those, in columbine and before that. you never think it's going to happen in your community, do you? >> no, you don't. this is horrific. it's tragic, the parents sent the children to school to be educated and never expected never to see them again. it's a heart-breaking tragedy that this community is enduring. >> greta: you think right now, you haven't identified all the bodies, have you? >> we have not. we have tentative identification. we have to positively identify everyone. we certainly want to do that as expeditiously as possible. we are working on that as we speak. we will work through the night. it's important for the families. we understand that. >> greta: just imagine if you are family at home and you evaporate gotten word, but your child isn't home so you know that your child was one of the victims. it's inevitable. imagine that pain? >> it's unbelievable. it's something that no one really ever wants to bear. it was heartbreak
scene. children slaughtered inside of the elementary school. we spoke with paul vance. >> thank you very having us. >> lieutenant, we have seen so many going back to columbine and you never think it is going to happen in your own community. >> it is it horrific and tragic and the parents sent these children to be educate never expected to never see them again it is it a heartbreaking trag tee. >> and you think that right now. you haven't identified all of the bodies for the families have you? >> we have a process where we have to positively identify everyone and we want to do that as expeditiously as possible working on thisthat right now it is important for the families and why understand that. >> imagine you haven't got official world and your child is not home and so you know that your child was one of the victims. imagine that pain? >> it is it unbelievable. it is something that no one want to bear and it was heartbreaking to have to hear the partners told that their children were not coming home. it was heart breaking for the law enforcement officers to go in and rescue as many peop
is the investigation today? >>jonathan: it is moving slowly. according to lieutenant paul vance, methodally. there are two main locations they are investigating. the first, of course, is the school where the 20 children and six women staff members all died in the blaze of gunfire on friday. the second location, adam lanza's mother house, where he killed his own mother shooting her several times in the head. he then took the weapons to the school and carried out the massacre. it is a very difficult investigation if so many reasons but lieutenant vance says for the sake of the people of this town, the people of state, the people of the united states, they will get to the bottom of all of this. >> the answers for the victims and the victims and the families and the people of connecticut, they want a clear picture exactly what happened here. many times, i have said, are many people, including first responders and town residents and including people in this audience that is broken hearts over this. we are going to do everything that it takes to ensure we uncover every bit of evidence, that we ex
are listening to paul vance of the connecticut state police. i'm erin burnett with wolf blitzer. >> coming to you from newtown, connecticut. the pain is really, really great are the country, not only this up to but the country, indeed much of the world, mourns what has happened in this community. >> we were just hearing, wolf, lieutenant vance say this will probably be the last time we hear from him tonight but some of the latest things that he said, wolf that they still don't know the motive. they say that is going to come later. it is going to take them more time before they are able to talk about that and it is impossible to say how many shots were fired, wolf, but multiple high-cap pays the rounds, each magazine had about 30 shots and said hundreds of bullets at least. >> this connecticut state police lieutenant is doing an excellent job briefing us. he is being very precise on all of the details, he doesn't want to get ahead of the information that they have and so far, i have been very impressed. >> yes, ma'am to that point, they asked about nancy lanza, he says i don't know which gu
before she died. i want to bring in lieutenant paul vance with the connecticut state police. he's the lead spokes man, you've seen him speaking many times. it's been a very difficult job to have to update the world on what he knows. he joins me on the phone now with the latest. i appreciate it, we all do because everyone wants to understand what happened here. we have confirmed as you just heard, that nancy lanza was away in the days before the shooting. what can you tell us about her relationship with her son? >> i think what's important is to make sure that everyone understands that our investigators, our state police detectives have to take every piece of information and confirm it. ensure that it's totally accurate, and totally pristine and without error before we can come out publicly and state it. therefore, we haven't really come out and stated anything too too much relative to the relationship with the shooter, prior to the catastrophe that happened at the school. >> all right and i understand that. we don't want you to rush it, then have to change what you say, so i do
police now are saying in term of a potential motive, lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police said that investigators are recovering what he described as, in his words, as good evidence to possibly fill in the blanks of why or how this could have occurred. and he gave that answer when asked whether or not there were any e-mails or any writings that would give any clues about a poe te potential motive. we have new information about from susan candiotti. she is quoting a law enforcement official who said that he had access to more guns than the three guns recovered. she's quoting a source that police recovered three additional guns. and this was elsewhere, not at the scene of the shooting. a .45 revolver hand repeating and cnn has been reporting that police did recover three weapons, two handguns and a semiautomatic rifle and that those guns had been purchased by nancy lanza. there is not much we know about nancy lanza. we spoke to a neighbor a short time ago. she told us that there was nothing out of the ordinary about nancy lanza. >> she was like a normal anybody else i
'brien is on the scene with jay paul vance with the connecticut state police. soledad? >> reporter: joining him is george sinko. you spend a long time for the full day on the scene. you came back from being inside the scene. you will process the scene through sunday. what does that mean exactly? >> a lot of work goes into a criminal investigation like this. the priority like that is identifying the victims. we said 18 children in there and six adults. the shooter. we need to positive lie identify which is which. the medical examiner's office is with them now in that process. we are hopeful we can accomplish that by sometime in the early morning hours. >> do you mean to tell me the bodies of the children and those killed are still where they fell? >> that's correct. yes. >> they will be there. have you allowed the parents to see their children. >> no. this is a crime scene. we need to identify them. we have a tentative identification, but we need to positively identify them and we are doing it as quickly as we possibly can. >> you talked in other press conferences about the partners you have in this inves
. please stay dry. >> so there you have it. the connecticut state police spokesman lieutenant paul vance updating us. soledad, very interesting development. apparently all these false social media reports allegedly supposedly from this killer out there and the warning from this police chief, the warning is specific, warning being if you get engaged and circulate these false reports with threats out there, you are violating the law and they will go after you? >> yeah. he was tough on that. one of the things he said, while not specifically referencing any specific social media reports, he said that there is erroneous information coming out, all their information is on their official website and not to trust anything that was just being repeated or created on social media. highlighting, of course, that there had been contradictory information, just wrong information. very tough on that as you heard in that press conference, wolf? >> yeah. because some of these social media sites i've seen one or two of them over the past day or so, and they're making these accusations and these threats out
of the connecticut shooting continuing after a quick break. >> reporter: here's lieutenant paul vance of the connecticut state police. he's briefing reporters, all of us, on the investigation. >> -- literally the word is "plead." families are grieving. many of the families have asked to please afford them their privacy as they go through this ter shs t terrible tragedy. the lieutenant has asked me to pass that on to you as concisely as possible. that's the best way i can do it. at this time i can take a couple questions. we'll see if we can clear up anything. then i'm going to speak a little bit about our future get-togethers. >> [ inaudible ]. >> correct. >> [ inaudible ]. >> you're going to ask me a hard question, and i'm trying to recall. there were two phone calls. the question was about the threats. there were two threats of violence. we can just simply say that came in, two separate phone calls against the same facility, which was the church, the catholic church in town. two telephone calls received. again, as i stated before, those are criminal acts. those are acts that are bei
newtown lieutenant paul vance, expected to brief reporters at any moment. you see the producers and reporters there and the microphones set up. we'll bring that to you when we get it here live on cnn. we're back in a moment. ♪ [ male announcer ] with a select terrain dial that adjusts the jeep grand cherokee's performance for specific weather and road conditions... ♪ ...even heavy snowstorms... won't keep you from getting to work. our apologies. ♪ to the number 1 club in the world. the potential of manchester united unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. >>> now is your chance to talk back on one of the big stories for the day. the question this morning, what can be done to prevent another newtown? that's a tough question, something that requires lots of discussion, something that seems impossible when it comes to gun violence. as the president says, what choice do we have? the blame game has already begun. mike huckabee, pastor and fox news host, says our godless schools are to blame. >> we ask why there's violence in schools, about you we've systematic
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